Hyster fork lift trucks are designed and built for optimal operator and pedestrian safety in numerous types of materials handling applications.



As demand grows in a materials handling operation and loads become more varied, the risk of damage to trucks, loads and infrastructure can increase, resulting in extra costs, additional maintenance and more downtime. Solutions


 from Hyster Europe can help tough applications overcome these challenges and by providing assistance to drivers and pedestrians:


  • Object Detection System – An aid to the operator to alert them of potential hazards located in sensing zone, whether an object or a person
  • Roof Detection System – Allows the speed of the truck to be limited when entering a building
  • Load Overload System – Uses an array of sensors to measure both the mass and centre of a load and display the truck stability
  • Pedestrian Awareness Lights – Front and rear LED direction-activated spotlights may help alert pedestrians that the truck is travelling in a specific direction whilst LED zoning lights indicate to pedestrians the required distance that should be kept from the truck when in motion
  • Seatbelt and Doors Interlock – The engine will not start unless the operator is on the seat and closes the seat belt or without the cab doors being closed
  • Hyster Tracker – Wireless monitoring records hour meter utilisation, impact events, periodic maintenance tracking, and diagnostic trouble shooting code events
  • Other features include – Front and top roller blinds, WuBump Bumpers, Air Suspension Seat and batter disconnect switch and more.



Features for driver and performance contribute to lift truck safety


Tilt steering.jpgHyster not only promotes safety through training, but its engineers consider safety in every aspect of the forklift design. The ability to design for improved safety comes from Hyster’s experience in the material handling industry and from available technology. New technologies are incorporated – primarily as standard features – into Hyster forklift trucks and then proven through functional and durability testing, reliability development, and controlled field tests. 


Both productivity and safety are enhanced when improved ergonomic designs help the operator avoid fatigue as well as heavy repetitive motions.


Operator Compartment Ergonomics and Controls

  • Adjustable Operator Compartment and Controls – Puts the necessary controls in close proximity to a wide range of operators
  • Operator Presence System – Prevents operation of the hydraulic system if the operator is not in the proper operating position. Also disables directional travel on Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) trucks 
  • Swing-Out LPG Tank Bracket – Drop-down design brings the LPG tank out from the protected center of the truck and down to the operator’s natural handling position making it easier to change
  • Operator Steps – Added to reduce the step height when entering the operator compartment.  Steps have a high grip surface and are self-cleaning to avoid a foot slip.
  • Parking Brake Warning – reminds operator to set the parking brake when leaving the operator’s seat.
  • Direction Switch Indicator – Visually identifies the truck’s travel direction as determined by the shift lever.  
  • Overhead Guard – The design of the overhead guard on Hyster lift trucks exceeds the requirements set forth by required standards (ANSI/ITSDF B56.1)Seat Side Power Disconnect – On electric trucks, this allows the operator to disconnect the power to the unit in the event of an emergency situation.

Technical / Mechanical Features

  • Mast Cylinder Velocity Fuses – Prevents raised masts from freefalling down in the event of a hoist hose rupture
  • Hydrostatic Power Steering – Prevents steering wheel ‘kick back’ when the steer wheels come up against an immovable object. 
  • LPG Lock-off Valve – Prevents flow of LPG (Liquid Propane Gas) into the truck when the truck is turned off
  • Freelift and Main Hoist Chains – The “ratings” of chain, or combinations of chain, far exceeds requirements for working loads at rated capacity
  • Catalytic Converter – Prevents engine exhaust sparks from exiting the truck on LPG- and petrol-equipped units
  • Inboard-Mounted LPG Tank – Helps protect the tank from being knocked off or damaged due to impacts
  • Tilt Cylinders – Mounted under the floorboard to avoid an operator trip hazard and to prevent oil from contacting the operator in the event of a hose rupture

To find out more, use the Dealer Locator to contact the local Hyster® dealer.

The information provided here is general and is not meant to change any requirements under locally applicable legislation or directives of health and safety organisations.



Hyster makes available a wide range of accessories that may be used in a specific application and work environment.


  • Optional audible or visible warning devices
  • Work and headlights to meet a variety of application needs including LED and halogen lighting designed to resist damaging effects of weather, shock and vibration while increasing visibility in low ambient light environments.
  • Visible Devices – Flashing, Rotating, and Strobe Lights
  • Audible Devices – Back-up or Motion Alarms
  • Rear Drive Handle with Horn button – Provides a secure location for the operator’s right hand when driving in reverse that is inboard of the truck for impact protection. Handle includes a horn button to allow the operator to sound the horn without having to move a hand to the center of the steering wheel.
  • Reverse Operation Audible Alarm – May alert pedestrians and other equipment operators of the presence of the unit
  • Rear Doors – On reach and stand drive trucks to protect the operator from protruding objects.


Additional Operator & Application Options

  • Enclosed Operator Cabs – Protects the operator from the elements, features tempered glass with greater strength, includes emergency exit via window removal, and additional sound-proofing to reduce noise levels at the operator’s ear.
  • Operator Selectable Performance Modes – Allows operator to select the performance need for the specific application.  Also allows a supervisor to reduce the maximum performance of a unit, allowing a new operator to learn the operating characteristics of the lift truck in a controlled manner.
  • Impact Monitor – Disables unit and requires a supervisor override to re-enable unit. This encourages the operator to operate the unit in a more controlled manner.
    Panoramic and Dual Rear View Mirrors – Serves as an aid to the operator in observing the operating environment behind the truck just prior to a direction change as well as the tail swing area in a forward travel turn.
  • Auto Park Brake – Park brake is automatically applied when the truck comes to a stop and no accelerator input is requested.  This feature prevents unrepentant rolling in the event the operator fails to apply the brake.


Contact your local Hyster Dealer for more information on optional accessories tailored for specific applications.


The information provided here is general and is not meant to change any requirements under locally applicable legislation or Health and Safety directives.



J1.6XN Control.jpg

Operator forklift training is essential for the safety of operators and pedestrians and isfrequently required by occupational health and safety regulations.  Operators should be trained on the specific type of fork lift they are assigned to operate and should be trained, and demonstrate efficiency, in all types of fork lift operation. 


Application layout and pedestrian traffic flow should be evaluated and policies should be adopted to minimize close interaction of fork lifts and pedestrians.  Pedestrians should also be trained to recognize the presence of fork lift traffic and remain alert at all times when the vicinity of fork lifts in operation.


Operator/pedestrian forklift training and appropriate application layout can help:

  • Reduce fork lift truck downtime
  • Limit lost-time injuries
  • Improve driver efficiency
  • Minimize product damage and accidents
  • Improve the company’s bottom line